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Supporting real estate transactions in Japan

Whether you are buying or renting real estate, you can use our interpreting services in any situation. By utilizing our experience in interpreter dispatching and our own real estate business, we can support you to carry out important transactions without any worries.



Onsite interpretation support when viewing properties, explaining important points and reading contracts, etc.

In addition to providing onsite interpreting services when viewing properties, we can also support a wide range of services, including interpretations for explanations of the property, explanations of important points (重要事項説明), and contract readings.

We are committed to providing our best service to satisfy you in every step of the transaction process.

Real Estate Interpretation Services available for various cases

Display Apartment Tour

Whether it is new or existing, for sale or for rent, we can help to connect you with the sales representative when viewing a property.

Online support viewing

Our interpreter can provide online interpretation services when you are viewing a property in person with a sales representative or online.

Property investment & management

When buying an investment property, you may need to interact with owners’ agents to check on yields or tenant leases, etc., use our interpretation services to help you to make communication clear and effective.

Explanation of important points and conclusion of a contract

You can also take advantage of our interpretation services even at important stages that are related to contract matters. We are also able to translate a set of important documents for you to understand in advance if your request is made to allow sufficient time to process.


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Please check the Terms of Use of Interpretation Services upon sending your request.

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