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A variety of services to support your business in Japan

We offer comprehensive support for your business in Japan and Asia. Our services include support for strategic investment in Japanese start-up companies with cutting-edge technologies; real estate brokerage services including access to Japanese real-estate information and tours to visit properties in Japan; market and technology research that utilize our network; legal and accounting services connecting you with lawyers and accountants in Japan and Asia; communication services through translation, and interpretation and multi-lingual production for your first step into the Japanese market.
Real Estate
Real Estate (RE/MAX Interface)

We are the first RE/MAX Group franchise in Japan. We can provide valuable information on profitable properties in Japan and other related services to support you with real estate investment in Japan.

Strategic Investment
Strategic Investment

Our consulting service encompasses customized solutions such as corporate investments and strategic alliances.


Using our global network, we perform research on markets and technologies in Japan, Asia, Europe and the United States.

Legal & Accounting
Legal & Accounting

We utilize our network of lawyers, accountants and specialists in Japan and Asia, as well as worldwide. We provide support for communications with specialists in a variety of fields.


Our best-in-class translators and interpreters enable you to achieve smoother communications in your international business.

Our Strength 

Why choose us?  

The strengths of International Interface lie in extensive experience and top-notch expertise in specialized fields, backed by a network that spans the globe. This gives us the edge that allows us to provide consulting, market research, and a range of communication services of extraordinary depth and attention to detail. 


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