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Version 1

August 1, 2016

International Interface Co., Ltd.

Norihiko Hirose, President & CEO


Information assets (information, information systems, and other asset) are the source to generate profits and one of the most important assets for International Interface in its business activities of translation and interpretation, strategic investment consultancy, technology research, market research, information provision, multi-lingual production (IR, advertising and public relations), real estate brokerage, travel agency and other services incidental thereto. In addition, we assume the social responsibility to prevent information security incidents from happening.

In order to protect information assets from information security threats, we handle them in an accurate and safe manner to maintain information security consistent with our management strategy and build trust with our customers.


1. International Interface determines purposes of information security as follows and ensures to carry out measures to achieve these purposes.

[Purposes of information security]

・  To respect and comply with contracts with customers and matters required by laws and regulations

・  To prevent information security incidents from happening

・  To protect information assets from information security threats

 2. International Interface appropriately establishes and operates an information security management system (ISMS), strives to secure confidentiality, integrity and availability of important information assets and works to continuously improve their validity. We achieve these by expressing the management’s intention concerning our initiatives for information security and clarifying principal codes of conduct based on such initiatives.
3. International Interface establishes an information security committee and chairman thereof to administer the ISMS and develops an organizational system required for its operation.
4. International Interface determines systematic procedures and evaluation criteria for risk assessment and takes appropriate measures to counter risks based on such assessment, in order to maintain risks of all important information assets we handle at an acceptable level.
5. International Interface provides education to all employees on a regular basis and measures the effect of such education to maintain and improve the ISMS.