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International Interface if your gateway to Japanese markets

With a client base of over 300 companies consisting mainly of listed firms in Japan and overseas, International Interface offers superior research services. We collaborate with research partners worldwide to assist corporate clients who wish to conduct marketing or technology surveys in other countries. We invite you to put your company’s professional research skills to work for in support of Japanese enterprises.

Our track record of market research

  • Consumer survey in the United States
  • Street survey of motorcycle users in China
  • Research on auto-related markets in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Research on Asia-Pacific market strategy of European companies
  • On-site survey of local auto dealers in the Asia-Pacific region

Our track record of techonology research

  • Technology of next-generation communication and wireless sensor network
  • Mobile phone components technology
  • Communication module technology
  • Smart-grid-related technology
  • Environment-conscious display technology
  • Touch panel and touch sensor technology
  • Hydrogen/fuel cell technolog
  • Thin film solar cell and thin film cell technology
  • Next-generation lithium-ion battery technolog
  • Wireless charging technology
  • Character and voice recognition technology for mobile phones
  • Multiaxis accelerometer and magnetometer technology
  • Force feedback technology
  • Biometrics technology
  • Cloud technology
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