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International Interface is your gateway to Japanese real estate

Backed by a developed economy, politics, and culture, real estate in Japan is an attractive investment from a global perspective that promises stable returns.

We invite real estate companies with customers who are considering investments in Japan to register with the International Interface network. In addition to introducing properties in Japan, our network will enable you to provide customers with useful information related to Japanese real estate. International Interface will provide English-language support for all procedures in Japan, including negotiations, contract signing, and transfer of property. Moreover, we can arrange trips to Japan for private showings of property, in order to deliver real estate transactions that you can rely on.

Providing useful information for investing in Japanese real estate

International Interface provides property investors with helpful information on purchasing and renting real estate properties in Japan. All information will be updated in a timely manner.
Please click here for data and other information regarding real estate transactions in Japan.
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