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International Interface has created a worldwide network of lawyers, accountants and other specialists to support any type of communication with companies in need of professional services.



The era of globalization requires the knowledge and insights of specialists

The globalization of business activities has led to a growing number of cross-border transactions. Many of these deals involve specialized procedures indispensable for Japanese companies to conduct their international business. The procedures include preparation and execution of contracts, setting up offices, hiring and managing personnel, accounting and tax filing. All need to be performed in accordance with local laws and regulations as well as systems.

Advice from specialists in a variety of areas is required for these procedures. However, it is not easy for a company to collect information on specialists or to come into contact with the right people. Moreover, smooth communication with specialists is another challenge the company faces, given differences in language and time zones.

International Interface can help you in various ways

International Interface assists with communication between the client and specialists including lawyers and accountants in Japan and overseas. We can employ any kind language so as to facilitate specialized procedures, which invariably occur when conducting international business such as real estate transactions, M&As and strategic investment tie-ups.


Our team includes Certified Public Accountants of the United States, administrative scriveners, and staff with experience in international legal operations. We refer the right specialist based on an evaluation of the client’s precise needs.




We do not charge referral fees or brokerage commissions 

Examples of specialist services
  • Legal checks of contracts
  • Preparation of financial statements (in Japanese GAAP, US GAAP, under IFRS)
  • Financial analysis
  • Procedures for establishing companies
  • Tax returns
  • Evaluation of investment destinations and alliance partners, and due diligence
  • Development and management of information and accounting systems
  Examples of specialist services




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