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The strengths of International Interface lie in extensive experience and top-notch expertise in specialized fields, backed by a network that spans the globe. This gives us the edge that allows us to provide real estate and strategic investment consulting, market research, and a range of communication services of extraordinary depth and attention to detail.




Extensive proven results in the industry  

Extensive proven results in the industry

To date, International Interface has been involved in more than 4,000 projects, including work for top companies in all fields. In particular, the insight and experience gained through consulting on investment tie-ups, technological surveys, and other matters is used to full advantage in our communication services such as highly specialized translation, interpretation, and production, allowing us to provide superior-quality services. 
Specializing in IR, technology, and investment fields  

Specializing in IR, technology, and investment fields

International Interface is a group of professionals with far-reaching knowledge and understanding covering the spectrum of specializations. Whether it is consulting or translation, our comprehensive array of services is up to the task, particularly in the fields of finance, management, IR, investment, and technology. Equipped with up-to-the-minute information in the relevant area, our staff of experts provides you with quality service that can’t be beat.
Organizational structure  

Organizational structure:
Global network

Partnering with local consultants, translators, as well as research companies in countries around the world, we are able to offer highly focused services with minimal footwork. International Interface has local staff residing in all regions of the world, including Japan, Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia. Leveraging our global network, we deploy fresh information received directly from every corner of the earth, including intelligence not available domestically, in support of our clients’ international business.

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