Q1.What technological fields do your surveys cover?
A1. At International Interface, we have conducted technological and market surveys across a wide variety of fields, from communications and IT, to electronics components and semiconductors, from materials to energy. We also offer concise summaries of the latest technology under research and development at universities and research institutions worldwide. 
Q2.What is included in technological survey report?
A2. Our market research is customized to the needs of our clients, distinguishing it from research generally available on the market. We deliver reports combining qualitative and quantitative information, including systematic analysis of information, market scope, and the latest technological trends in the relevant fields, as well as analyses of companies in the market (particularly venture companies), their product share, and prediction of market futures. We also offer planning for new products, venture investment, and consulting on business partnerships, according to the objectives of the research.


Q3.Can the manuscript be revised after an order is placed?
A3. Please be advised that there will be additional charges for revisions after an order is officially placed.
Q4.Can corrections be made after an order has been received?
A4. In the case of obvious omissions or mistakes in the finished translation after it has been received and inspected by the customer, where these are the responsibility of International Interface, we will undertake the corrections promptly at no charge.
Q5.Does International Interface handle layout and editing of charts and diagrams?
A5. At International Interface, we have editorial staff specializing in DTP and other services. We can accept files in a variety of formats, including WordExcelPower PointIndesignKeynote, etc.
Q6.How quickly can the job be done?
A6. At International Interface, we strive to produce high quality results with the shortest possible turnover. Your estimate will include the turnaround time, which depends on the volume to be translated, the degree of specialization, etc. Please consult us for more details.
Q7.How is the translation charge calculated?
A7. The charge for translation depends on the volume, the turnaround time, the degree of specialization, and other conditions. For further details, please consult the page for each service. Furthermore, please note that estimates are free of charge, so please do not hesitate to inquire.


Q8.How is the interpretation fee determined?
A8. The interpretation fee varies according to the level of the interpreter, the time required, the location of the venue, the degree of specialization, and other factors. Furthermore, depending on the time required, and the content of the interpretation, several interpreters may be needed. Estimates are offered free of charge, so please do not hesitate to inquire.

Security measures

Q9.What kind of information security measures are taken to ensure confidentiality?

Our company has put the following measures in place to ensure the confidentiality of documents with extremely high sensitivity.

1. All translators, interpreters, and consultants sign a confidentiality agreement.

2. Manuscripts submitted for translation are read-access password protected.

We acquired ISO27001 certification on February 22, 2017. We handle the important information assets of our customers strictly, and are developing and managing a reliable information management system. Please refer to our Information Security Policy and Privacy Policy
Q10.What is ISO27001?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international organization that establishes global standards and guidelines. Among the ISO standards, ISO27001 is a standard for Information Security Management Systems. ISO27001 certified companies are recognized, from an objective viewpoint by a third party organization, to have management systems for information assets that are in compliance with the established global standard. We acquired ISO27001 certification on February 22, 2017 and will continue to strengthen and improve our information management system to provide solid services.

Q11.What is an ISMS?

An ISMS (Information Security Management System) is a system for formulating and implementing a framework for appropriately managing the security of information assets. The basic concept of an ISMS is to maintain and improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information assets that an organization must protect, in a well-balanced manner. As an ISO27001 certified company, we have established highly reliable and stable information management system through the establishment, operation, periodic review, and improvement of our ISMS.

Charges and methods of payment

Q12.Is there a cancellation charge?
A12. Cancellations are not accepted after an order has been placed.
Q13.Can payment be made by check?
A13. Payments may be made to our company’s bank account in Japan by bank transfer, or to our company’s account in the U.S by bank transfer or by check. We also accept payment via PayPal.
For further inquries, please contact us

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