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Multi-lingual services that enhance your global communication

Comprehensive support for global communication

International Interface provides translation, interpretation, and multi-lingual production services to support your global strategies. Over 800 domestic and global clients, including companies listed on Prime section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, foreign companies, major financial institutions, and law firms, rely on us for their language needs in specialized fields such as investor relations, finance, management, contracts, legal affairs, patents, and technologies.

Communication services

IR-related translation
We assist our clients with investor relations activities aimed at overseas investors by leveraging our solid track record and linguistic strengths to translate documents such as legally-mandated disclosures, timely disclosures, and voluntary disclosures, as well as creating English-language financial statements.
Financial translation

We translate documents requiring a high level of financial expertise, including prospectuses, due diligence reports, and investment strategy reports.

Management translation
With the expertise of our MBA-holders and accountants, we translate the latest management and marketing materials and information for business leaders.
Contract and Legal translation

We provide accurate translations of legal documents and certificates such as consignment agreements, sales contracts, confidentiality agreements, articles of incorporation, copies of registration certificate, important matters explanation for real estate contract, family registers, residence certificates, and internal regulations.

We provide interpretation services tailored to our clients’ situations and needs, encompassing everything from business negotiations, tours, real estate site visits, and real estate agreement discussions to sightseeing, shareholder meetings, financial briefings, and seminars.
Multi-lingual production

We create the multi-lingual marketing tools that clients need in order to do business on the global stage. Our multi-lingual production services include multi-lingual website creation, video content creation, subtitling, dubbing, and more.

Languages covered

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Chinese (both simplified and traditional characters)
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai


…and more

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