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We are the first RE/MAX Brokerage Office in Japan

RE/MAX is a global real estate network boasting the world’s highest transaction volume, with more than 7,300 offices and approximately 115,000 outstanding agents worldwide. (as of 2017)


International Interface engages in the real estate business as the RE/MAX Group’s first franchise office in Japan. Using the network and experience available only to a RE/MAX Group member, we will serve as a guide to Japan’s high value-added properties for international investors.


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Total support that gives you access to Japanese real estate

International Interface focuses on real-estate properties in Japan with high added-value and provide brokerage services for overseas investors and foreign residents who are interested in buying, selling and renting these properties.


We believe that the keys for success in investment are to collect and analyze wide range of useful information about the investment, and also to visit the real properties to make confident decisions.

In order to fulfill these ideas, we provide easy-to-understand explanations not only of real estate information, but also the economic status, tax system, Japanese statistical data and other knowledge and information required for buying real estate properties through our dedicated website and social networks.

Additionally, we can arrange and carry out tours for you to actually visit properties that catch your interest. Our bilingual staff will show you the right property for your needs and other locations that are must-visits in Japan.


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Data & Market Trends

International Interface provides property investors with helpful information on purchasing and renting real estate properties in Japan. All information will be updated in a timely manner. 


  • Trends in the Japanese Economy and Real Estate Market
  • Real estate price trends in Japan
  • Rental income trends in Japan
  • Market comparison with other countries


Useful Tips

  • Buying guide
  • Selling guide
  • Renting guide
  • Real estate-related taxes and fees in Japan
  • Managing your rental property in Japan
  • Brokerage System in Japan
  • Housing loans



  • Glossary



  • Case.1 How to rent an apartment in Japan?


Life in Japan

  • Studying in Japan
  • Education system in Japan
  • Setting up a business in Japan
  • VISA & Immigration
  • Seismic performance of buildings in Japan





Our strengths
  • Professional support

    We have our own team of CPAs, a certified member of the Japanese Society of Home Inspectors (JSHI), and a worldwide network of lawyers, accountants and other specialists to support your real estate transactions in Japan.

  • Over 30 languages

    All of our staff are bilingual or trilingual. We currently conduct business in English, Japanese, Chinese and other 30 languages. We can help you in English to access Japanese real estate.

  • Preview tour arrangement

    As a licensed travel agent, we arrange extensive, focused tours to promising investment destinations throughout Japan. Our multilingual staff will show you the right property for your needs and other locations that are must-visits in Japan. 

  • Intelligence

    We deliver data, analysis of market trends, and business insights on Japan’s real estate market, all based on our outstanding research capabilities.

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