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Who is RE/MAX?

RE/MAX, which is short for “Real Estate Maximums,” is the largest real estate network in the world. Founded in Denver, in the United States in 1973, RE/MAX has grown into a globally known real estate brand that is readily recognized throughout the world.


As the No. 1 name in real estate, RE/MAX boasts the world’s highest transaction volume, with nearly 7,300 offices and more than 115,000 outstanding agents in roughly 100 countries (as of the end of 2017).


In September 2013, this leading brand finally launched in Japan.


RE/MAX Holdings, Inc., the U.S. headquarter, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


What is an Agent?


The 1st RE/MAX Brokerage Office in Japan

In January 2015, International Interface Co., Ltd. opened “RE/MAX Interface” as the first franchise office of the RE/MAX Group in Japan.

As the first RE/MAX brokerage office in Japan, our job is to provide brokerage services for overseas clients who are interested in buying, selling, renting, or investing in Japanese real estate.



Using the powerful real estate trading network and experience available only to a RE/MAX affiliate, we will serve as a guide to Japan’s high value-added properties for international investors. Furthermore, we deliver data, analyses of market trends, and business insights into Japan’s real estate market, based on our outstanding research capabilities.


All of our staff members are bilingual or multilingual, including in-house CPAs. We also have a worldwide network of lawyers, accountants, and other specialists. These experts and professionals can help clients with thier tax and legal issues related to real estate transactions. 

    REMAX Interface

Our team of professionals


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