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International Interface is your gateway to Japanese markets

With a client base of over 300 companies chiefly comprising listed firms in Japan and overseas, International Interface provides superior communication services. Focusing on accounting, finance, and legal affairs as key areas for any company engaged in business, we provide high quality translation, interpretation, and multilingual production. In addition, the ability to translate and interpret into multiple languages forms the foundation for various services offered by International Interface such as consulting on investment tie-ups or real estate brokerage, overseas research, and travel services.

By registering with the International Interface network, you will be able to make the most of your language skills and knowledge base, and make a significant contribution to international business.

International Interface has openings for translators, interpreters, and writers. Application guidelines are as follows.

Application guidelines


Job description

Japanese to English translation in the field of investor relations

(Annual reports; business reports; notices of ordinary general meetings of shareholders; proposals for takeover defense measures, granting stock options, etc.; earnings summaries; financial statements, etc.)


Japanese to English translation of legal documents

Application requirements ■Translation experience
Candidates with a minimum of 3 years translation experience in accounting, legal, or other professional fields

■Work experience

We welcome applications from individuals with business experience in accounting, legal, or other professional fields. (for example, experience preparing notices of ordinary general meetings at a legal office, experience preparing financial statements in English at an accounting office, experience preparing consolidated accounting documents in a financial department, etc.)

Applications from native English speakers with experience in the above fields are welcome.



Job description Consecutive interpretation
Application requirements

■Interpretation experience
Minimum of three years experience in consecutive interpretation


■Work experience

We welcome interpreters who are available for real estate interpretation

(We are looking for interpreters with experience from display apartment tour to contracts)

For details, please refer to real estate interpretation services



Mostly Kanto area (with exceptions)


Job description Simultaneous interpretation
Application requirements ■Interpretation experience
Minimum of three years experience in simultaneous interpretation


Writers / Editors

Job description

Planning, developing, and writing investor relations tools for corporations

[Main services]

・Annual reports, CSR reports, environmental reports, business reports, shareholder communications, IR websites, corporate brochures
Application requirements ■Business experience

Candidates with proven experience in planning, producing, direction, and writing of corporate IR tools

■Skills, etc.
MS Word/Excel/Power Point、Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop Minimum of three years work experience


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