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How do I buy real estate in Japan? How do I rent a house? What do I need to make a contract? I don’t understand Japanese real estate jargons! In this page, we will cover information for non-residents on buying, selling and renting real estate properties in Japan. You can find easy-to-understand information about Japanese real estate with our articles on information you’re looking for, our glossary, and case studies matching your circumstances. 
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Buying guide  
Buying guide
・Steps for buying 
・How to find a property
Selling guide  
Selling guide

・Process for selling
・Types of listing agreement 


Rental guide  
Renting guide

・Process for renting a house 
・Required documents

・Tips and notes for renting

Taxes and fees  
Taxes and fees

・Taxes on non-residents
・Fees and expenses 


Managing your rental property  
Managing your rental property

・Security deposit and key money
・Free rent system

・Rent negotiation

brokerage system  
Brokerage System in Japan

・Licensing system of real estate


・The role of real estate brokers
・Real estate broker commision

housing loans for foreign individuals  
Housing loans

・Housing loans in Japan
Housing loans for foreign 

・Housing loan procedures for

   foreign individuals

 Moving guide  
Moving guide

・Tips for moving within Japan

・Major moving companies in


Management association  
Management Association of Condominiums

・What are management

・Roles of management associations

・Authorities of management





Glossary for Japanese real estate market


  • 海外ビジネスパートナーをお探しの方は、当社までご相談ください