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Translating services filled with business insights

management translation

We provide business leaders with translations of cutting-edge business management information. Management and marketing professionals including former top managers, former partners at global consulting firms, MBA holders and accountants work together in the translating procedure.


International Interface has solid experience in management translation. This includes translating the global business journal “Harvard Business Review” and case studies used in business schools.


We provide translation services of advanced documents that are filled with business insights key to today’s business management, in wide-ranging fields such as IT, corporate accounting, personnel and structural strategy, region portfolios, emerging market strategy, sustainability, CRM, city planning, smart grids and public service assistance.


Track record in management translation

  • Case studies for business schools
  • Management analysis reports
  • PR books of global consulting firms
  • Websites of global consulting firms
  • Reports on consumer trends in emerging countries
  • Research reports on global business leaders

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