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Rigorous selection of top-class interpreters 


Direct verbal communication is one of the most powerful ways of getting your message across in an international setting. Specialist subject knowledge is as important as linguistic skills to ensure that your message is conveyed as accurately as possible.

International Interface uses only experienced, top-class interpreters, and can select the most appropriate person for our clients' requirements, whether they relate to a conference, a seminar, or other business occasions.

Proven quality of International Interface interpreters

The quality of International Interface interpreters has been recognized at international conferences and symposiums in fields where a high degree of specialized knowledge is required. In addition, our interpreters have served at important meetings such as corporate general shareholders meetings, where they have earned a strong reputation for their ability to respond flexibly even in unpredictable question-and-answer situations.




The Coordinators – your contact and support 

The interpreting services required by our customers vary depending on the content of the meeting or event, its duration, scale, and so on. For large-scale events, it may be necessary to obtain and set up interpreting facilities, to operate the equipment, etc.; in these cases, in-depth preparations must be made starting from the initial consultation stage. The meeting agenda, materials, list of terminology, and other information can be required.


At International Interface, we provide the best possible interpretation services based on an attentive hearing of the client’s wishes.


Furthermore, we can provide a complete range of services including production of minutes, audio and video recording, editing of recorded data, transcription, translation of materials (meeting materials, presentations, handouts, agendas). Please feel free to inquire for further details.


Track record in interpretation

Type of interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter speaks at the same time as the original speaker. The benefit of simultaneous interpreting is time efficiency, although it does require booth and receiver equipment for large scale meetings.

Consecutive interpreting
The speaker and the interpreting speak alternately. This doesn’t require any particular equipment, but is less efficient than simultaneous interpreting because it takes more time.
Whispering interpretation

This is a simultaneous interpretation service in which the interpreter stays close to the person requiring interpretation, and interprets in a whisper.

Attendant interpreting
An interpreter will follow you with your important client’s inspection and sightseeing trips, or for the purchase of real estate. Consecutive interpretation is the basic approach.

Fees (per interpreter)

Type of Interpreting

Full Day

(8 hours including 1 hour break)

Half day

(3 or fewer hours)

Hour of overtime

(charged per 15 minutes)

Simultaneous interpreting

 (Class SA)

120,000 yen ~ 85,000 yen 〜 20,000 yen 〜
Simultaneous interpreting 100,000 yen 〜 70,000 yen 〜  15,600 yen 〜
Consecutive interpreting 80,000 yen 〜 57,000 yen 〜  12,500 yen 〜
Attendant interpreting 35,000 yen 〜 23,000 yen 〜 5,500 yen 〜

*Fees shown above are excluding consumption tax in Japan.


  • We may charge extra for early morning / late evening and night work. Please be aware that these factors may result in additional charges to those shown.
  • When supplying attendant interpretation, please note that the time charged will be the time actually spent with the client.
  • When supplying simultaneous interpreting, any meeting of less than 3 hours will require 2 interpreters, while any longer meeting will require between 3 and 4 interpreters.
  • When supplying consecutive interpreting (other than attendant interpreting), any meeting of half a day or less will require 1 interpreter, while any longer meeting will require 2 interpreters.
  • Any job outside the 23 wards of Tokyo will incur travel expenses and costs relating to the interpreter's time spent traveling.
  • Cancellations and all alterations, including changes of assignment date and time, after the contract are subject to the cancellation fees. Please contact us for further details. 


Please check the Terms of Use of Interpretation Services upon sending your request.

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