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Influence your global stakeholders for success

We translate IR materials for shareholders and investors in Japan and other countries, not only from Japanese to English, but also to Chinese (both simplified and traditional characters), Korean, Russian, Portuguese and a variety of other languages.


International Interface has a team of first-class translators with global experience at financial institutions. They include lawyers, CPAs and others with professional qualifications. Our translating staff has updated knowledge of accounting standards and guidelines as well as laws and regulations, complemented by a wealth of experience in international business and global culture. This makes it possible to prepare IR materials that are editorially consistent with past documents and in accordance with disclosure rules, which shareholders and investors can put their full trust in.

Track record in IR translation

  • Summaries of financial results(IFRS, Japan and U.S. GAAP)
  • Materials for financial results briefings
  • Annual securities reports
  • Annual reports / CSR reports
  • Business reports
  • Disclosure books
  • Basel disclosure
  • Convocation notices of general shareholders’ meetings / Convocation notices of special shareholders’ meetings / Notices of resolution
  • U.S. SEC filings(10K / 20F)
  • Audit report

  • Internal control report
  • Earnings announcements / Press releases
  • IR information websites

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