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Support for companies seeking to expand into Japan or Asia

From drawing up strategy to actual operations, International Interface provides all-round support for start-ups and companies looking to enter new markets in Japan or Asia.

Who uses our services?
  • Customers looking for partnerships in Japanese or Asian markets

    For clients seeking development investment partners, technology licensing partners, or distributors, we propose and arrange introductions to optimal partners and contact persons for doing business in each country.


  • Customers who want to make effective sales promotion presentations in Japanese or Asian markets

    Based on a thorough understanding of the customer’s technology or unique product features, we create presentation materials and pamphlets in Japanese as one of the most efficient and effective means of sales promotion.  

    We also offer suggestions for adapting presentation style to the business practices in each country, and can arrange interpretation and other assistance for the presentation itself. 


  • Customers wishing to incorporate locally

    We provide support for the various steps involved in setting up a local corporation, including corporate registration, opening an office, recruiting and hiring personnel, and launching a website.

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Legal & Accounting
We utilize our network of lawyers, accountants and specialists in Japan and Asia, as well as worldwide. We provide support for communications with specialists in a variety of fields.

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